Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the payment schedule for your services? A: A 50% deposit along with a contract signed by both parties will secure our services. The balance 50% will be due two weeks prior to your event date.

Q: Do you require a contract for your services? A: Yes. Our contract is easy to understand. There are no hidden fees or charges and everything including all costs are displayed clearly within the contract.

Q: Can you provide sound/music for the wedding ceremony as well as the reception? A: Yes. Our clients often request this if they need music during their ceremony and/or a microphone for the person officiating.

Q: Can we add the wedding ceremony service later after we have signed the contract for your DJ to do our wedding reception? A: Yes. Just contact our office. We will amend the contract to include your ceremony as well as reception and send you the new contract for your signature, deposit and return.

Q: When will your DJ contact us about our event? A: Our DJ will call or email you within a few days of your receiving the contract for your event. Once we receive your signed contract and a deposit, our DJ will be happy to review with you all the details of your occasion by phone.

Q: What kinds of music do you have for us? A: All kinds, we have a digital library of over a hundred thousand songs for all ages and musical tastes and genres. Everything we have is well known and we're always adding new music on a weekly basis.

Q: Can we bring our own music for you to play? A: Yes. Today most music is available on CD and other digital formats. Please discuss the formats with your DJ prior to your event so we can accommodate you.

Q: What are your rates? A: Each occasion that we do is unique. Because of that, our rates may vary for several reasons, such as lighting packages, various services, or special requirements given to us by the client. Please fill out our (contact page) with your pertinent event information, and we'll promptly e-mail you all of the information you'll need in order to book your event, including pricing.

Q: Can we pay using a credit card? A: Yes, credit card via PayPal, check, money order, or cash.

Q: Is there a charge for the time necessary to set up or break down the equipment? A: No, we do not charge for that time. We always arrive one hour before the music start time and break down during the hour after your event has ended. If you require us to set up much earlier than that, we charge our normal hourly rate, to the full hour.

Q: Do you have an overtime rate? A: Each additional hour is charged at the same hourly rate specified on your contract. However, we do charge for a full hour when the time extends less than a full hour. For instance, if you asked us to stay for another 1/2 hour to play, we would charge you for the full next hour.

Q: Do you have a microphone we can use and is there an extra charge for it? A: Yes and no, if only one or two microphones are needed yes, and there is no extra charge for one additional microphone.

Q: Will your DJ need a skirted table for his equipment setup? A: Yes, an 8’ Skirted table is most helpful. Most hotels, resorts, and restaurants have them ready for us when we arrive to set up our equipment. For backyard and private events, etc., please make sure your caterer or home owner has a table that will work well for our DJ's equipment setup.

Q: Should we feed the DJ? A: Most weddings/events have a vendor table for the hired help. For buffet lines, our DJs are always instructed to go through the line last. If you do not want the DJ eating at your event please let us know before hand.

Q: Should we tip the DJ? A: If your DJ did a nice job, & you were happy with our services then tips are greatly appreciated. Tips usually run in the neighborhood of 15-20%

Q: What do your DJs wear? A: We leave this up to the client. A suit is most common at most wedding/events but business casual even a tuxedo is appropriate for the right event.